What Andrew did helped me

//What Andrew did helped me

What Andrew did helped me

I started the CBC correspondence course in April 2017. I was so encouraged when I studied the first course “Sure Foundation”. I am a pastor, and at that time I was slandered tremendously and people were trying to frame me. It made me feel very bad. But this course gave me the support and help that I really needed.

In the course Andrew Wommack shared his experiences about how he was misunderstood, forsaken and isolated, but he chose to stand on the word of God. Instead of listening to man’s opinion and compromise, he put trust in the Lord, stood firmly stood on the word, and stayed strong in Him. He kept himself in the word of God!

During that challenge, what Andrew did comforted me, encouraged me, and influenced me. Half a year later now, I am able to follow the example of Andrew to stand on the word of God and His love. I have been experiencing victory and support in His presence.

——Cui Xiaoyan