My husband has suffered from lumbar disc herniation for four years. It was so painful recently that he had a problem moving around. Whenever it gets painful, the doctor would tell him that he needs surgery. But we both believe that God would heal him, so we just kept praying for him.

During this correspondence course student meeting (November 2017), I heard from the teacher that we are not supposed to focus on the symptom but on the goodness of God and praise Him in our difficulties.

When I went back home I talked with my husband, my brother in the Lord. I said that we shouldn’t pray for the sickness any more. We should praise our God with one accord, and we should worship Him in spirit and in truth. One hour later a miracle happened, my husband stood up and said pain was gone. Hallelujah!

Glory to God. It’s true that Jesus is big and the problem is small. Thank you Jesus!

——Hu Lisa