After I was saved, one thing really embarrassed me was to sing songs during worship time because I couldn’t carry a tune. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to hear me singing a song. That’s why I seldom sang songs during my life. Whenever I tried to sing in the KTV with my friends, they always laughed at me and they gave me the moniker out-of-tune king. So I was afraid of singing songs as I didn’t want to make myself embarrassed in front of people.

When I was saved, I started having fellowship in the church, and I always tried to get through worship time. Thank God, the brothers and sisters started teaching me how to sing and encouraged me with the word of God. Then I started to meditate on this word, “Praise ye the Lord. He is good: for His mercy endures forever.” God loved me so much, and He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for me on the cross. I made myself think about the love of the Lord Jesus and the word of God. Then I realized that “I live with a purpose of worshiping the Lord.”

Then I started to participate in worship, and every time I sang, I just looked at Jesus, knowing that Lord looks at my heart. Little by little, I started enjoying singing songs to worship the Lord at worship time. The more I sang, the more I felt strengthened. Now, not only can I stand on the stage singing songs, but I can lead a chorus. I can immerse myself in a beautiful hymn worshiping my God, my Lord, totally forgetting my former situation. Thank God for His grace, which makes me able to sing songs and to praise Him out loud.

——Zhu Jianping