The CC course is changing my life and many other people’s lives.

//The CC course is changing my life and many other people’s lives.

The CC course is changing my life and many other people’s lives.

I was saved in 1980, grew up in the traditional church, educated by legalism, and lived a religious life of confessing sin and daily self-examination. There was no victory in my everyday life. In the traditional church, not only do we condemn ourselves, but condemn other people also. There is no love, only hurt in such fellowship where people hurt each other.

Before I didn’t have any good impressions about seminary. I was taught that if you go to seminary, your mind would be filled with knowledge, but your life wouldn’t be able to grow. Last year (2016) I went to Hong Kong to attend Andrew Wommack’s meeting with a watch and wait attitude. After listening to several sessions of teaching during the meeting, I still didn’t think about studying in any seminary.

I started reading AW’s book of Spirit, Soul, and Body and The True Nature of God after I went back home from the meeting. The message from the books attracted me and touched my heart. The more I read, the better I like it. So I registered for the CBC correspondence course in March of this year.

By studying the course, I started realizing that my relationship with the Lord is based on who I am in Christ. I am perfect, blameless in God’s eyes. God has given me authority. Faith, boldness, confidence, and joy started rising in my heart. When sickness comes, instead of declaring health without assurance in my heart, I command the sickness to leave with full faith.

Now studying this course is the priority of my daily life, and I am studying it with joy. I meditate, speak out God’s word, and make it a part of my life when I study it.

I thank God for leading me to the pure truth. Glory to God! I also thank the teachers who make the effort to come to teach us. May God remember your labor. Amen.

PS: I’ve been using what I learned from the course in my daily life, my teaching, fellowship, and my network ministry. (His ministry and his coworkers send out daily devotionals through the SMS to millions of Chinese Christians. –Translator)

——He Peicheng