Jesus changed my life and my family

In 2013, our child’s condition worsened, and he was close to death. The power of the Gospel came upon my family when we were on the brink of despair. Jesus brought life back to my child’s body miraculously and gave him eternal life. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house” (Acts 16:31). God’s word is faithful. In one year and a half, the Lord totally turned our family’s situation around. Our family came [...]

The grace of God enables me to sing

After I was saved, one thing really embarrassed me was to sing songs during worship time because I couldn’t carry a tune. It wasn’t a pleasant thing to hear me singing a song. That’s why I seldom sang songs during my life. Whenever I tried to sing in the KTV with my friends, they always laughed at me and they gave me the moniker out-of-tune king. So I was afraid of singing songs as I didn’t want to make myself [...]

Some changes that the Correspondence Course has made in my life

I didn’t understand the difference of before and after I was saved. Now I understand that in my spirit I am a partaker of the divine nature. I have peace, joy, love, goodness, and gentleness in my spirit. I knew it was good to believe in Jesus, and it’s good to preach the gospel to get people saved, but I didn’t know how to do it. Now I just tell people about the goodness of God. When they hear about [...]

It’s not easy, but it’s worth trying

After studied the course of Excellency in Ministry class 6, it really helped me in the area of how to hear from God accurately. I used to hold my own opinions on many things and was not willing to let them go. This class helped me not to depend on myself to make decisions. I am learning to lay down myself and trust God for things. Even though it is not easy for me to do it, I am learning [...]

The pain is gone after we changed our focus and started praising God

My husband has suffered from lumbar disc herniation for four years. It was so painful recently that he had a problem moving around. Whenever it gets painful, the doctor would tell him that he needs surgery. But we both believe that God would heal him, so we just kept praying for him. During this correspondence course student meeting (November 2017), I heard from the teacher that we are not supposed to focus on the symptom but on the goodness of [...]

A miracle about my health insurance card

One morning after I sent my child to school, I wanted to go to a hospital to get a prescription. I reached into my coat pocket, but I didn’t find my health insurance card. Then I emptied my pocket, and I didn’t find it. So I called my wife and asked her to look for it in the cabinet drawers at home. She looked into every drawer but found nothing. I really started worrying about it. What am I going [...]