1. I didn’t understand the difference of before and after I was saved. Now I understand that in my spirit I am a partaker of the divine nature. I have peace, joy, love, goodness, and gentleness in my spirit.
  2. I knew it was good to believe in Jesus, and it’s good to preach the gospel to get people saved, but I didn’t know how to do it. Now I just tell people about the goodness of God. When they hear about God’s love, it doesn’t make them feel like they have to do something to get His love or make an exchange with God.
  3. My emotions used to go up and down. Now I have assurance in my heart that I don’t have to be affected by anything.
  4. My understanding about God was very blurry, and I didn’t know what we needed to do after we knew Him. Now I have been taught about God by different teachers from the correspondence course thought by thought and area by area. I have realized that I am equipped to help many people, and this is my future.

——Shu Zi