In 2013, our child’s condition worsened, and he was close to death. The power of the Gospel came upon my family when we were on the brink of despair. Jesus brought life back to my child’s body miraculously and gave him eternal life.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house” (Acts 16:31). God’s word is faithful. In one year and a half, the Lord totally turned our family’s situation around. Our family came out of the bottom of hopelessness and of being on the edge of collapsing, to entering into the kingdom of God. My wife, my child, our parents on both sides, and I all received Jesus. We became a blessed family in Christ.

Before we were saved, my family was covered with clouds of sorrow without any hope. We lived a mechanical life. Our child was paralyzed and was confined to bed for seven years. My wife was taking care of him full time, and the burden of supporting the family fell heavily on me. There was so much pressure on us, and at the same time all kinds of problems came to our family. Every day when I came back home, I just tried to numb myself through playing cards online and smoking cigarettes.

Because some of my family members became believers, there was a Christian fellowship group in my home. More than a year later, I saw changes in my wife and our child. My wife, my child, and the people who came to my home were full of joy.

Finally, one day I was touched by the Holy Spirit, and I made the decision to receive Jesus into my life. Somehow it seems like I became a totally new person after I was saved. God gave me a hungry heart, and I started by joining in a fellowship, reading the Bible, and praying steadily. Very soon I became a leader of a cell group.

I thank God for Jesus. He is the Lord and the King of my whole family. I thank Him for leading my family to walk in the will of God. In the last few years, God has been using our family as a channel of preaching the gospel. We are blessed to be a blessing to many families and individuals.

We are so loved by the Lord that since we started believing in Jesus, what we have been taught is the gospel of grace. We didn’t go through the experience of the bondage of the law. In more than four years, the gospel of God has blossomed and borne fruit in my family. We’ve led more than ten people to the Lord. Our child–the first one who was saved in our family–went to be with the Lord last year (2016).

However, our whole family started believing in the Lord because of this one. Furthermore, a church called The Amazing Grace Church has been started by the leading of the Lord. Both my wife and I are called to serve the Lord full time in this church. We are so honored to be used by God. It is Jesus Who changed my life. I give all the glory and praise to Him, amen!

——Huang Wei