A man who didn’t know God said amen after being healed

//A man who didn’t know God said amen after being healed

A man who didn’t know God said amen after being healed

On August 20th of 2017 at noon time, I received a phone call from a new friend. He told me that he had a high fever the night before as he drank too much Chinese white wine during his business trip.

I sent him an SMS telling him to take some medicine promptly. During the next three days, I asked him about his condition every day. His answer was always the same: medicine and injections had been taken, high fever continued, and there was no sign that the fever would be leave. On the evening of the third day, I sent him an SMS again. He responded and said the fever made him feel confused and left him without strength.

When I put down my phone and started seriously worrying about his situation, all of sudden I remembered the content from the CBC correspondence course that I had been studying. I told myself, wait a moment, I’ve got the same spirit as Jesus. I can do what He did. He healed the sick, and I can heal the sick too. Then I sent a SMS to this friend, saying, in Jesus name, I claim healing and demand the fever leave you. You are healed tonight! Amen.

I prayed to God after the SMS was sent. I said, Lord, you told me in John 14:12 that the works that you did, I shall do also, and even greater works. Lord, you have fulfilled your word, and you have made this friend hear of You by the hearing of the ear, but now his eyes see You. In Jesus name, amen.

On the fourth day, I sent this friend an SMS and asked his situation again. He answered, “The fever has gone. Your God works. I wouldn’t have had to suffer for such a long time if He could have started working on me earlier. Amen.” Thank God, a person who doesn’t know the Lord said amen. Praise God!

——Shi Jian